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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
xwave and Flightscape deliver accident investigation system to Egyptian Civil aviation authority

Fully integrated flight data and cockpit recorder system will help Egypt improve transportation safety

OTTAWA – xwave, an Aliant Company (TSX: AIT), and Flightscape, an Ottawa-based flight sciences company, today announced they have delivered a digital flight data and cockpit voice recorder ground analysis system to the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA).

“The purpose of having an aircraft accident investigation system is to determine the facts, conditions and circumstances related to an accident or incident so that steps may be taken to prevent a recurrence of the accident and the factors which led to it,” said Ranald McGillis, Vice President, Central Business Unit, xwave. “The system we provided the Egyptian MCA will help do just that, allowing them to effectively conduct their own accident investigations.”

xwave and Flightscape designed and developed the fully integrated system with proven technology used by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and other leading government accident investigative agencies around the world. The data analysis system allows the MCA to share data and results at any level from raw decoded data to final 3-D reconstruction animations, and features full system integration for data recovery, analysis and animation. Technicians can render 3-D animated aircraft that replicate a flight using the exact timeline, path and circumstances under which the plane flew; playback can be sped up or slowed down as required. Together, these capabilities will help Egypt’s MCA better maintain important flight-safety standards.

“Having the ability to analyze recorded flight data significantly improves the government of Egypt’s ability to fulfill its obligations to advance transportation as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization under Annex 13,” said Michael Poole, P.Eng., Managing Partner, Business Development, Flightscape Inc. “This is an important leadership step that will no doubt influence other countries in the region.”

The Egyptian MCA is extensively modernizing and upgrading its aviation facilities and is the first country in the Middle East to adopt this technology. The official launch of the new system—housed in its own new facility in Cairo—will take place December 2003.

For more than two decades, xwave has developed international and Canadian air traffic management systems including the Gander Automated Air Traffic System (GAATS), and the FSS Information Management System (FIMS). For the Egyptian project, xwave acted as prime contractor and systems integrator and partnered with Flightscape who brought extensive accident investigation expertise and Egyptian-based Delta Group who were responsible for facility preparation and in-country service.

About xwave
xwave, an Aliant company, delivers complete IT services to clients through three service lines: systems integration and software engineering; infrastructure services; and product fulfillment. These areas offer clients a broad delivery capability: xwave plans, designs, builds and operates IT solutions that span both corporate and operational systems and fulfill all infrastructure needs. With approximately $400 million in revenues and 2,300 people, xwave is one of the largest IT services companies in Canada. More information can be found at www.xwave.com.

About Flightscape
Flightscape is a flight safety company providing expertise in flight-recorder playback, analysis and flight sciences. The company is the first of its kind with years of direct experience working in a major investigative flight recorder laboratory and consequently has considerable expertise in major accident investigations, primarily in the playback and analysis of flight data and cockpit voice recorders, and in supporting other flight safety organizations worldwide. Flightscape develops software tools that enable the effective study and understanding of recorded flight data to improve safety, maintenance and flight operations. More information can be found at www.flightscape.com.

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