Obscene and harassing calls

If you are receiving annoying, obscene or harassing calls:

  1. Don't talk. The caller wants an audience; don't provide one.
  2. Hang up and note the time and date of the call when the caller doesn't talk, says an obscene word, or doesn't identify themselves.
  3. Activate Call Trace (*57). After receiving an obscene or harassing call, hang up, then immediately pick up the receiver. After you hear the dial tone, press *57. A recorded voice will confirm that the call has been traced.
  4. Call the police when you receive calls of a threatening nature. The police will contact Bell Aliant to help identify the caller, and will need the time and date of the call for any further investigation. The Criminal Code of Canada provides penalties for making obscene, harassing or threatening telephone calls. Call Trace should only be used when you are ready to contact the police and willing to take legal action against the caller. Bell Aliant will release the traced number only on presentation of proper legal authorization and ONLY TO THE POLICE.


Information privacy

We have a long-standing tradition of protecting the personal information of those who use our products and services. The protection of personal privacy is an integral part of our commitment to our customers. We believe that safeguarding customer information is essential to establishing trust. Our Privacy Code explains our responsibilities and our customers’ rights respecting the manner in which we collect, use and maintain personal information. The personal information we collect and maintain includes customers' credit information, billing records, services and equipment details as well as any recorded complaints. We use this information only for the following purposes:

  1. To establish and maintain responsible relations with customers and to provide ongoing service;
  2. To understand customer needs;
  3. To develop, enhance, market or provide products and services; and
  4. To manage and develop our business and operations, including personnel and employment matters.

We will not otherwise collect, use or disclose your personal information except for legal or regulatory reasons. Bell Aliant will not sell or trade your personal information.

If you would like to know more about Bell Aliant's policies and practices regarding the treatment of your personal information, or wish to review this information, please contact us by calling 1-866-425-4268 or in writing to:

Bell Aliant Risk Management
ATTN: Privacy Manager
P.O. Box 1430
Saint John, N.B. E2L 4K2
E-mail: privacymanager@bellaliant.ca


Bell Aliant residence telemarketing lists

Our Code of Fair Information Practices provides that you can have your name removed from our telemarketing lists by calling 1-866-425-4268 or by requesting your name be removed when you receive a call from one of our telemarketing employees.

Please note: if you change your telephone number, you must renew your request.


Disclosure of subscriber listing information

In accordance with CRTC requirements we make names, addresses and telephone numbers printed in Bell Aliant directories available to publishers of independent paper and electronic directories. These listings are also available on the Canada 411™ Internet directory (www.canada411.com) . Your listing can be removed from such lists by requesting a non-published telephone number. If you wish to remove your listing from Canada 411™ only, please send a request including your name, address and telephone number to:

Canada 411 Webmaster
Suite 600, 20 Richmond Street East
Toronto, Ont., Canada
M5C 3B5

This telephone directory is published by Bell ActiMedia.

Bell ActiMedia makes available lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers printed in Bell Aliant's directories to selected organizations for a fee. These sales may result in unsolicited mail or phone calls at a subscriber’s residence or place of business. If you prefer not to have your name on these lists, please notify Bell ActiMedia by writing to:

Bell ActiMedia
133 Ilsley Ave
Dartmouth, N.S.
B3B 1S9

A new letter is required each time your telephone number is changed.


Other telemarketing and direct mail lists

Removal of your name from Bell ActiMedia's lists will not necessarily eliminate unsolicited mail, e-mail or phone calls as there are many list sources available other than Bell ActiMedia.

If you would like to have your name removed from other telemarketing, mailing or emailing lists, Bell Aliant suggests the following:

  1. Inform the organization, either in writing or when you receive their call, that you would like your name removed from their list. Most organizations will comply with your request.
  2. Register with e-mps (www.e-mps.org) to add your e-mail address to their "opt-out" list.
  3. Contact the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) to request that they add your name, number(s) and/or address to their "Do Not Call List" and/or "Do Not Mail List". Contact the CMA in writing at P.O. Box 706, Don Mills, Ont., M3C 2T6; through their website at www.the-cma.org; or by faxing CMA at 1-416-391-1237. The CMA is an industry association which represents approximately 500 direct marketing agencies. CMA members agree to not contact customers who have requested they not receive unsolicited calls or mail.


Preventing long distance and 900 service charges

We provide services which will prevent your telephone from being used to place calls to Long Distance numbers (Toll Restriction) or 900-Service numbers (No-900 Service). For more information, please Contact Us.


Bell Aliant employees and contractors

All Bell Aliant employees and contractors carry an ID card bearing their picture, signature and the company name. If you have any doubt that the person is an employee or contractor of Bell Aliant, please ask to see their identification. Bell Aliant employees and contractors will be glad to show this card.


Public notice

Bell Aliant is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Atlantic Regional Office. The guidelines under which the company operates are contained in a general tariff. The general tariff is available for public viewing, during our business hours, at any Bell Aliant Sales Office.


Resolving problems

  1. If you have a problem with service or billing, call a service representative at our Sales Office: 1-800-565-4737
  2. If, after speaking to a service representative you are not satisfied, ask for the manager to discuss the matter further.
  3. If, after speaking to the manager, you are still not satisfied, please write to:
    Bell Aliant Regulatory Matters
    PO Box 880
    Stn. Central RPO
    Halifax, NS B3J 2W3
  4. If your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction you may write to:
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
    Atlantic Regional Office
    99 Wyse Road, Suite 1410
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    B3A 4S5
  5. You can also contact the CRTC by phone:
    (Toll Free) 1-877-249-2783
    (Toll Free) TDD 1-877-909-2782