Fibe is simply the best

  • TV with #1 picture quality1
  • The fastest Internet
  • 100% fibre-optics right to your home

#1-rated TV picture quality1

  • The best HD picture quality on TV - up to 1080p
  • Wide screen format to fit your HD TV 
  • Over 200 HD channels available
  • Feel the action with DolbyTM surround-sound

Restart shows that aired in the past 30 hours. Only with Fibe.

  • Tuned in late or missed your show? Restart shows that aired in the past 30 hours, including shows currently in progress.

The fastest Internet just got faster

  • Access the absolute fastest speeds on the market with Gigabit Fibe 940/100
  • Download in record time:
    • Download HD movies in seconds2
    • Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience
  • YouTube HD Verified

The world’s best Wi-Fi technology for your home - our modem with AC technology

  • Super-fast Wi-Fi
  • Amazing Wi-Fi coverage

Easier than ever

  • Easy-to-use new On Demand guide
  • Stunning visual-design with poster art
  • Featuring Rotten Tomatoes – integrated ratings, reviews and recommendations
  • 1080p – the best picture quality available on TV

Fibre right to your home

  • The world's best network technology
  • The fastest Internet speeds
  • Tomorrow’s technology ready for the advancements of tomorrow